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Recent News

  • [2021.07.12] Our team (Keondo, Jaehun, Woojung, and Dongsig) took the 4th place in the national AI competition (drone image-based car detection). Congrats!

  • [2021.06.28] Welcome new grad students! Yourim, Kwangyeon, Sungwook, Gyeongseon, Ahreum, and Yejin have joined our group.

  • [2021.03.29] Hyung-Sin will serve IEEE MASS 2021 as a TPC member.

  • [2021.03.26] Keondo and Jaehun won the 1st and 2nd best poster/presentation award at the 1st GSDS InnoJam event. Congrats!

  • [2021.03.24] Our paper "A3: Adaptive Autonomous Allocation of TSCH Slots," has been accepted by IPSN 2021. Congrats Seohyang!

  • [2021.02.26] Hyung-Sin won the best presentation award at A3 Workshop on AI-based Future IoT Technologies and Services.

  • [2021.02.25] Hoseong finished his intern and will join Agency for Defense Development (국방과학연구소). Good luck with your future!

  • [2021.02.01] We have offered a 3-week course "Programming for Data Science" at GSDS Boot Camp. 550 students with more than 80 different majors participated and 66 of them completed successfully. Congrats students!

  • [2021.01.20] Our paper "BLEX: Flexible Multi-connectoin Scheduling for Bluetooth Low Energy," has been accepted by IPSN 2021. Congrats Eunjeong!

  • [2020.12.22] Inhoe has joined our group as a PhD student. Welcome!

  • [2021.12.15] The first run of our course "Ambient AI Platforms and Practice" produced some interesting group projects. Please check out.

  • [2020.09.11] Wongi and Hoseong have joined our group as undergraduate interns for this semester. Welcome!

  • [2020.08.26] Our paper "AdaptaBLE: Adaptive Control of Data Rate, Transmission Power, and Connection Interval in Bluetooth Low Energy," has been accepted by Computer Networks. Congrats Eunjeong!

  • [2020.07.20] Hyunshik has joined our group as an undergraduate intern for this summer. Welcome!

  • [2020.07.09] Welcome pioneers! Woojung, Jaehun, Ayoung, Dongsig, and Keondo have joined our group as MS students!

  • [2020.07.01] Hyung-Sin will serve IPSN 2021 as a TPC member.

  • [2020.06.30] Keondo is on media for his class project using Coral AI. Congrats!

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