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Recent News

  • [2022.08.01] Keondo has won Best Paper Award from Korean AI Conference. Congrats!

  • [2022.08.01] Hyung-Sin (faculty) has been selected as a Creative-Pioneering Researcher at SNU.

  • [2022.07.03] Our paper "Bitwidth-Adaptive Quantization-Aware Neural Network Training: A Meta-Learning Approach" has been accepted by ECCV 2022. Congrats Jiseok and Jaehun!

  • [2022.07.01] Welcome new members! Eunsu, Joopyo, Hyojin, Yoojin, Jungsik, and Shingi have joined our group

  • [2022.06.30] Our team (Keondo, Yourim, Kwangyeon, and Jongwon) took the 2nd place in the national AI competition (semi-supervised image segmentation). Congrats!

  • [2022.05.06] Ahreum finished her IPSN presentation (Video recording), which is the first top-tier conference presentation in our group. Congrats!

  • [2022.04.02] Hyung-Sin will serve IEEE MASS 2022 as a TPC member.

  • [2022.02.20] Keondo is on media! SNUBirdView

  • [2022.02.15] Yousung won Outstanding MS Thesis Award. Congrats!

  • [2022.01.19] Our paper "ScriptPainter: Vision-based, On-device Test Script Generation for Mobile Systems" has been accepted by IPSN 2022. Congrats Yousung and Ahreum!

  • [2022.01.14] Our paper "Performant TCP for Low-Power Wireless Networks" has been selected as Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP) from IETF/IRTF.

  • [2021.11.08] Our course "Computing Foundations for Data Science" has been selected as "Best Practice for Untact Class" in Seoul National University.

  • [2021.09.10] Hyung-Sin will serve DCOSS 2022 as a TPC member.

  • [2021.07.12] Our team (Keondo, Jaehun, Woojung, and Dongsig) took the 4th place in the national AI competition (drone image-based car detection). Congrats!

  • [2021.06.28] Welcome new grad students! Yourim, Kwangyeon, Sungwook, Gyeongseon, Ahreum, and Yejin have joined our group.

Research Topics

Current Areas of Study

On-device Machine Learning and Applications

Distributed, Unsupervised, and Adaptable ML

Wireless Data Collection Systems